Airbus A380 in detail.
Author: David Riley
Submitted by: aro757   Date: 07-31-2006
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Airbus A380

by David Riley

Certainly the most ambitious civil aviation project of recent times, the Airbus A380 is like no other. Just it's sheer size is quite impressive, and once you look at it closely, as seen in the photos below, you realize what a technological marvel it really is, and how much design, planning, and hard work has gone into the project to produce something of this size and complexity. David had the good fortune of catching this beast at the 2006 Farnborough Air Show outside of London, and brings to us some views of the A380 never seen before on the web. Enjoy, and hopefully it will help make a better, more detailed model.

A380-001.jpg A380-002.jpg A380-003.jpg A380-004.jpg A380-005.jpg

A380-006.jpg A380-007.jpg A380-008.jpg A380-009.jpg A380-010.jpg

A380-011.jpg A380-012.jpg A380-013.jpg A380-014.jpg A380-015.jpg

A380-016.jpg A380-017.jpg A380-018.jpg A380-019.jpg A380-020.jpg

A380-021.jpg A380-022.jpg A380-023.jpg A380-024.jpg A380-025.jpg

A380-026.jpg A380-027.jpg A380-028.jpg A380-029.jpg A380-030.jpg

A380-031.jpg A380-032.jpg A380-033.jpg A380-034.jpg A380-035.jpg

A380-036.jpg A380-037.jpg A380-038.jpg A380-039.jpg A380-040.jpg

A380-041.jpg A380-042.jpg A380-043.jpg A380-044.jpg

by David Riley

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Well done, itīs really a great reference for us.