The Red Bull DC-6. Up close and personal.
Author: Sebastian Adolf
Submitted by: THF-ADI   Date: 09-05-2006
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Douglas DC-6
by Sebastian Adolf

DC-6_RED_BULL_01.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_02.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_03.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_04.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_05.jpg

DC-6_RED_BULL_06.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_07.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_08.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_09.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_10.jpg

DC-6_RED_BULL_11.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_12.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_13.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_14.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_15.jpg

DC-6_RED_BULL_16.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_17.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_18.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_19.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_20.jpg

DC-6_RED_BULL_21.jpg DC-6_RED_BULL_22.jpg

by Sebastian Adolf

Member Comments :

comment by: gege320 posted on 09-09-2006 #2550
Superb aircraft in a so historical airport: Tempelhof

comment by: Loud707 posted on 09-15-2006 #2570
Beautiful airplane!
comment by: selier posted on 07-12-2007 #4019
A beautifull restored airplane. This is worthwhile to show the world that we have to do more to preserve old airliners.

regards Bert