Profiles of the Douglas DC-8 Super Sixty Series in Large Format
Author: Jennings Heilig
Submitted by: Jennings   Date: 06-04-2008
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Douglas DC-8 Super Sixty Profiles

by Jennings Heilig

Braniff (Calder) DC-8-62
  Braniff International "Calder" DC-8-62 N1805

Braniff DC-8-62 Lime Green
  Braniff International DC-8-62 N1805

Eastern Airlines DC-8-61
  Eastern Airlines DC-8-61 N8774

Scandinavian DC-8-63
  Scandinavian Airlines DC-8-63 SE-DBK

Scandinavian DC-62
  SAS DC-8-62 SE-DDU

Scanair DC-8-62
  Scanair DC-8-62 SE-DDU

by Jennings Heilig

Member Comments :

comment by: Brad posted on 06-05-2008 #5585
Very Cool!!!

Can I get prints made from you???

comment by: Jennings posted on 06-06-2008 #5653
Perhaps someday. I'm not set up for it at the moment, but I appreciate it! I've looked into it. Life is too nuts right now, but I'd very much like to get a web site set up and the ability to make prints.


comment by: carioca posted on 06-07-2008 #5667
absolutely fantastic! Great job!
having a website with such art available for sale would be great!

best regards
comment by: XRadar posted on 06-09-2008 #5674

As always, your work is awesome. Keep the good stuff coming!
comment by: Jennings posted on 06-09-2008 #5675
Thanks everyone I'll look into getting prints made sometime soon.