Highly-detailed profiles of the Tu-154M
Author: Jennings Heilig
Submitted by: Jennings   Date: 08-23-2008
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Tupolev 154M Profiles

by Jennings Heilig

Braniff (Calder) DC-8-62
  Ariana Afghan Airlines Tu-154M YA-TAR

Braniff DC-8-62 Lime Green
  Balkan Bulgarian Airlines Tu-154M LZ-BTH

Scanair DC-8-62
  Syrian Air Tu-154M YK-AIC

Eastern Airlines DC-8-61
  Aeroflot Tu-154M CCCP-85625

Scandinavian DC-8-63
  CSA Czech Airlines Tu-154M OK-UCF

Scandinavian DC-62
  Cubana Tu-154M CU-T1275

Scanair DC-8-62
  Interflug Tu-154M DDR-SFA

Scanair DC-8-62
  Kyrgyzstan Tu-154M EX-00002

Scanair DC-8-62
  Luftwaffe Tu-154M 11+01

Scanair DC-8-62
  Aeronica Tu-154M YN-CBT

Scanair DC-8-62
  Omskavia Tu-154M RA-85730

Scanair DC-8-62
  PIA - Pakistan International Airlines Tu-154M 85711

Scanair DC-8-62
  Polish Air Force Tu-154M 101

Scanair DC-8-62
  Rossiya Tu-154M RA-85659

Scanair DC-8-62
  Rossiya Tu-154M RA-85631

by Jennings Heilig

Member Comments :

comment by: N698SW posted on 08-23-2008 #6586
Very nice! Great work!
comment by: carioca posted on 08-25-2008 #6591
Great job, J!

May I suggest another one for the collection?

Koryio (the north korean national carrier). How about it?

Best regards!

comment by: Jennings posted on 08-25-2008 #6596
Except that CAAK/Air Koryo only flies the Tu-154B, no M's...

comment by: Nasir posted on 08-25-2008 #6597
There was also a short-lived lease by PIA from Uzbekistan Airlines:

comment by: Jennings posted on 08-25-2008 #6598
Where did you find that!?!?!

comment by: Nasir posted on 08-26-2008 #6599
Right Here: History of PIA

Here's a bigger version of the picture: