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      Post #64258, posted on 09-08-2016 GMT-5 hours    
      Hi All,

      If you're and Upper Deck member, you get a free email address included. It is powered by Google, so it's exactly like Gmail. The only difference will be your username at instead of at That's the service I use, and it's great! What I like about it is that I can access it from any computer, so I don't have to worry about an email being on my desktop, laptop, whatever, it's always the same.

      Many of you are already using it, but if you have one, and you're not using it yet, please start doing so. You will see how much better it is than your current email service. If you need help getting started, please let me know. For those of you who may have forgotten it, navigate to to get started. And before you ask, no I cannot access your email, or anything like that. It's all handled by Google. Enjoy!