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      Post #69209, posted on 01-29-2018 GMT-5 hours    
      I want to convert the F-Resin JT4 engine (meant for the DC-8-20/30 series) into a Rolls Royce Conway that was used on the DC-8-40 series. Does anybody have good comparison drawings or photos or knowledge of what needs to be done? Thanks.

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      Randall Worringer


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      Post #69255, posted on 02-02-2018 GMT-5 hours    
      Hi Tom,
      I looked thru some of my references and did not find any photos or drawings that would be of much help. However, I did find a close up shot of #1 on a CP Air DC-8-40. Shows sone good detail. I found it on a Yahoo search of Rolls Royce Conway engine on DC-8-40. On most pictures it is really hard to tell from the PW JT4. If you are still searching, I hope this helps.

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