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      Post #69745, posted on 03-13-2018 GMT-5 hours    
      Hey Guys

      You all heard of Welsh models releasing a 1/144 737-8 Max?? What you think? I prefer Zvezda but I would mind using the engines, Winglets & Apu from Welsh models and install it on Zvezda's 737s...Althought Zvezda might release their 737 Max in the third quarter of this year..

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      Post #69746, posted on 03-13-2018 GMT-5 hours    
      Unless it's a case of "have to have it right now," I'd personally wait to see what Zvezda's kit is like.

      Jodie Peeler

      In 1924 Wien was Alaska's first airline. In 1980 it still is.

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      Zvezda *is* doing a MAX, so I can't see any pressing reason to build a Welsh kit.