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      Post #69977, posted on 04-29-2018 GMT-5 hours    
      Hi -- Postage is included unless you are in, like, Papua New Guinea or Oceania. (It is frankly too much of a drag for me to g and check how much it would come to for each individual kit.) All are in the maker's original packaging, complete with decals and instructions.

      Enjoy browsing and do not hesitate to comment on prices or to bargain ! You might be surprised how accommodating I am when someone offers to buy more than a few kits (or the entire lot)! Please send me private messages to save on bandwidth.

      As kits sell, I shall remove them from the listing by editing the message and noting the edit and its date in the heading. I shall do this once a day. Strictly first-come-first-served!

      -- Airfix, A12050, BAe Nimrod, RAF, EUR 50

      -- Airfix, A02005A, Hawker Siddeley Hawk, RAF Red Arrows, EUR 10

      -- Heller, 80463, Boeing 707-300B, Air France, Lufthansa, EUR 30

      -- Maquette, Sikorsky Ilya Muromets, Russian Imperial Army, EUR 30

      -- Revell, 04304, Suchoi Su-34/S2FN, Russian air forces, EUR 10

      -- Airways Graphics, decal AGA7-013, Sud-Aviation Caravelle, SAS, EUR 5


      Edit Monday 30 April: removed items that are no longer available