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      Post #6442, posted on 08-13-2005 GMT-5 hours 


      I am into collecting display type airliner models, mostly propliners and first generation jets. I did up a group over at It is called, strangely enough, Atlantic Models Airliner Display Models. If I did things right, there should even be a link to the group at the top of this post.

      The idea is to post pics of your models, talk about them, and most of all have fun. The group requires "membership", but this is just to keep the spammers out. Yahoo groups have lots of troube with that stuff.

      Oh, there is also a section for PACMIN stuff so...

      Cruise on over and check it out if you're so motivated. I posted pics of some of my stuff here, in the member's gallery, under "John's junk".

      See ya,