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      Post #73718, posted on 11-03-2019 GMT-5 hours    
      Dear Members,

      Airlinercafe started out over 16 years ago, hard to believe, and Iím very proud of the little community we have grown to over the years. The amount of knowledge here, from models to real airplanes, amazes me every day and Iím happy to see that we have such a platform that allows for the sharing of such information with like-minded individuals whom I think share that special bond of airliner modelling.

      We have members from several dozen countries, whose primary language is not English, yet the language of the site is English, otherwise we would not be able to communicate. Written text, unfortunately, carries no emotion and can definitely get translated into something completely different. Sort of, get lost in translation, as the saying goes. Therefore, itís important that we be mindful of what we say and how we say it. Something that you may think is funny, can be misinterpreted as insulting or very offensive. Please be very careful with what you say and only say what really matters.

      Generic comments about how you feel about a manufacturer or some aircraft really doesnít lead to anything constructive. We all have opinions of how we feel about different products, manufacturers, and even people, but to make it public every time doesnít really change anything.

      - Please do provide your opinion or experiences when asked, otherwise, keep it to yourself.
      - Please do not make disparaging comments about any questions asked in the Forums. Thatís what the Forums are for! What may be very obvious to you, doesnít mean itís obvious to everyone.
      - What has been asked before, may be asked again. Instead of making a stark comment, please direct them to the previous discussion thread.
      - Do not make offensive comments or remarks to anyone for any reason. If someone said something that offended you, please let me know about it. Do not reply back with another insult.
      - And lastly, if you do call someone names or reply in an insulting way, for the sake of the community, I will have no choice but to ban you.

      So, letís all be respectful and communicate in a civilized way. We are all adults here, and should behave like adults. Thank you for your cooperation and letís work towards a positive, welcoming, and thriving community.



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      VERY well spoken, Ahmed 👍
      -Harry B.

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      well said and agree with your reminder, back to our hobby. enjoy it


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      Alan Aronoff