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      Post #74760, posted on 03-23-2020 GMT-5 hours    
      I am converting the Matchbox HS.125-600 to a -700 using TFE731 engine pods and other details from the Sword kit. Does anyone have a link to good photos or references that show the stub-wing (engine mount) for the TFE731, and whether the engines are canted slightly outward? I know that they lack thrust-reverse, an easy modification.

      Is the tail fin taller on the -700? It certainly appears to be. If so, by how much?

      Regarding the nose-gear doghouse, is this just an open space in the nose that goes all the way to the upper nose skin (like on the DC-4 and DC-6), and partly filled with electronics racks? I do not have good references. Thanks in advance, and look forward to hearing from maintainers of this fine-looking aircraft.