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      Dennis Hopper

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      Post #8838, posted on 01-13-2006 GMT-5 hours    
      Ever since Clint Groves posted on AMD a while ago, that if he were to get back into the airline hobby--he would go with pre-decorated die casts--I was wondering...what is the most popular scale? Who has more realistic shape & detail? Who has more liveries available? I ask because I accidentally ran across a Gemini Jets Southern Airways DC-9 on e-bay yesterday. I also love those terminal dioramas in the Member Galleries & that are available commercially. Plus, we all are limited to the amount of time we can build kits! These little babies are as expensive as 1/144 kits! I have considered replacing my 1/144 fleet (about 300+ unbuilt airliners)with these little beauties! Look at the space savings!

      BTW: I remember having a little fleet of Bachman Mini-Planes Airliners when I was a wee lad some 40+ years ago. One of you experts out there , please enlighten me!

      Dennis Hopper

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      Ted Johnston


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      Post #8931, posted on 01-19-2006 GMT-5 hours    
      That's a tough call, I think 1/400th is a bit nicer but there are more airport accessories currently in 1/500th by Herpa. I have been picking up Diecast Airliners and have about 7 now, I also found a bunch of 1/400th kits put out by Dragon, they go for $4 each, I don't think they are in production anymore but some of the distributors have them in stock still. I have some of my built ones in the gallery. There does seem to be more 1/400th airport accessories coming. is a good place to check out or

      Then again it's a slippery slope......tbey are very nice!