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      Post #12220, posted on 08-19-2006 GMT-5 hours    
      I noticed that the diecast industry already has several liveries of the 787 out already, does that mean that the specs and everything are finalized? How accurate are they? From what I have seen, they look good, though I'm not sure about the accuracy and secondly, who'se to say they will be wearing that livery when delivered.



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      Post #12229, posted on 08-20-2006 GMT-5 hours    
      Sure, it's like RoG releasing the initial A380-800 1/144 kit with the original Airbus corporate livery, last minute changes (last minute at least for us) are always possible.

      In the diecast range, I think Dragon (or whatever brand) released 1/400 787 models early believing that structural changes to the fuselage or wings (shape, dihedral) would not be noticable to profanes, especially at this scale, aka "it's a Dreamliner" like my grandma Sally believes Aeroflot ordered Concordes when she sees a Tupolev Tu-144 for the first time.

      The largest 787 model I saw was in Amsterdam Aviation Megastore shop, a VERY nice "Wooster like" 1/200 model but with a beautiful finish and a equally beautiful price tag (around Eur 70) and those cool windshield and "shark fin" tail that Boeing diched for drag purposes (or manufacturing process, sooo sad, now it looks like an... A350XWB ).

      PS : A350XWB, now that's a cool sexy airliner too, although reheated stuff. I particulary LOVE the windshield design, certainly better than that dreadful modernized A330 windshield they grafted to the initial A350 project.