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      Post #16049, posted on 05-07-2007 GMT-5 hours    

      I recently purchased a large and heavy metal model of a Air France Boeing 707 jet airliner. It rests upon a removable metal base/tripod. The model measures 28 1/2" long and 26 1/2" wide. This is the type of model that I assume would sit on a display table in an airline engineer's or executive's office. It has various decals on it specifically, AIR FRANCE, Boeing 707 INTERCONTINENTAL, and F-BHSB. Could someone please tell me from what time period this model would date? Do models like this have a specific name in this collecting field? Who would have been the manufacturer of this model? How rare/scarce is a model like this? Many thanks for any assistance provided. Paul

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      Post #16052, posted on 05-07-2007 GMT-5 hours    
      No idea of the actual AF 707 you have, but rejoice: look under airliner display models on Google and you'll come across an unsuspected universe of fans. There are one or two biee-e-e-e-g! sites with pix, and I remember reading on one that a guy somewhere in the Midwest had shipped his Braniff DC-8 for refinishing in the Phlippines (!!!*@...) and was very pleased at the result (just as well, really...) As you imagine, prices are sky-high and the models themselves are produced in very small batches of a few dozen at most...

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      Topic moved to right section. Please don't open same thread in two sections.