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      Post #30585, posted on 12-04-2009 GMT-5 hours    

      Internord Aviation A/S was formed on November 30, 1965, as an equal commercial partnership between the Danish charter operator Aero-Nord Inc. and the Swedish charter airline Ostermanair Charter AB. Internord's combined fleet consisted of (4) DC-7's and (4) -7B's and would operate IT flights between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean.
      Each company was responsible for maintaining and crewing the aircraft contributed to the consortium. The attractive Internord color scheme included a Medium Blue window stripe with lower case titles in Black and a stylized "I" on the tail. In late 1966, Internord made it's first Jet A/C purchase when an agreement was signed with American Airlines for (3) 990A's plus spares. The first 990A (OY-ANI) arrived on June 23, 1967 and entered service on June 28th.
      Though Internord's HQ was Kastrup Airport, the 990A's would be based in Stockholm. In December 1967, the 2nd ex-American 990A arrived (SE-DDK) and both were flown from points in Sweden and Denmark to the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands.
      Prior to the 3rd 990A's arrival in March 1968, Internord placed an order with Boeing for (3) 727-73QC's.
      The "Quick Change" 727-100 consisted of a full set of pallet rollers on the floor, along with palletized seats and galleys. The "Q Change" reportedly could be accomplished in an hour. The 727-100QC's were ordered by United, TWA, Eastern, Braniff and Lufthansa. By the time of the 3rd 990A's arrival, Internord was running into financial difficulties.
      The sun was setting on Internord for the final time on October 13, 1968. A company official later stated that the "too early introduction of Jets with consequent over-capacity" was to be the cause of Internord Aviation's demise........John3 (Thanks to Bill Demerist/World of Airline Postcards).