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      Post #31697, posted on 03-09-2010 GMT-5 hours    
      Hi all,
      Please do not add your own copyright symbol or watermark to the photos submitted to the database. As you can see, the system will automatically add a copyright bar to the bottom of every photo. Also, at time of upload you have an option of adding a watermark.

      Also, please do not add anything else to the photos such as a frame, extra borders, or anything like that. The photos will not be accepted from now on with anything "extra" on them. We had allowed a small copyright in the past, but things have gotten a little out of hand and we have to draw the line somewhere. Thanks for your cooperation.

      If you have any photos in the queue with extra stuff on them, please go to My Photos, find the photo and click the "Edit" link. As the photo comes up, directly below the image you will see a "Upload again" link. Please use that to upload a new version of the photo.