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      Post #40323, posted on 12-10-2011 GMT-5 hours    

      It wasn't till the other day that I found out that the Frontier website has been moved ( with a bunch of new items having been added. The above 2-page airbrush caused a few 'double-takes'! At first I thought it was either a very early airbrush or a late planned change but in reality it was neither. It appears that Frontier needed a 727-200 image in their September-October employee newsletter and Boeing used another photo from the original inflight session of the 727-200 prototype (N7270L) to create the Frontier 727-291.

      As you can see, the same demarcation lines and lower window stripes were used, while the Yellow was used to look 'White' in the B/W photo! The 'White' top paint comes almost to the top of the wings. With the White radome, this 1967 Frontier airbrush appears more "580-like" than the actual delivery scheme!
      Looking back, it's easy to forget that Frontier's was one of the very early 727-200 orders. When they announced their 727-100 order for (5) in August 1965, they also took (5) options for the then Super 727 (eventually re-named the -200). Frontier was the 2nd local service airline to take delivery of the 727 in October 1966, (3) months after Pacific.
      By 1967, Frontier was bringing 727 service to several of their major stops.

      Frontier got 'bragging rights' to the new 727-200's, ahead of such major airlines as Eastern & TWA, when their 1st -291 arrived in February 1968 (just after American Airline's 1st -223). As we know, Northeast was the 1st airline to take delivery of the -200, followed by National and PSA at the end of 1967.
      It would be the combination of the arrival of the 1st 737 (5 originally ordered) to arrive and the recession of 1969, that would cause management to make a critical decision.
      The Frontier 727 'Arrow-Jets' would be phased out......The final (2) -291's were NTU and (1) of the -191's was traded back to Boeing in 1969 for another new 737. By 1972, all the 727's were gone, as the 737's became the ONLY Frontier Jets!
      (also bad news was the introduction of the 'Pants-Suit'/Slacks, which would bring about the end of the 'Hot-Pants' era!-to be covered in a later "LS" Stewardess Special).
      Though the Frontier 727 "Arrow-Jets" were ultimately short-lived, it was a unique time for the growing local service airlines- to place a brand new 727-200 in service was something special!
      ........John (also thanks to -postcards).