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      gargle jus


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      Post #48813, posted on 06-30-2013 GMT-5 hours    
      Hi everyone!

      Summer is here and I've been very busy for the past couple months working on a number of new projects including a complete overhaul of the business. Nevertheless, it is my pleasure to announce July's new releases a day in advance and wish you all a great month of modelling. Stay tuned for many new changes in the coming months.

      All of our decals are laser printed, available in any scale, and can be found on the V1 Decals website

      Be sure to check out the website and the new catalogue on the homepage for more details.


      Advance Air Charter DC-8-62C

      Mexicanada Cargo DC-8-71F

      Westjet #100 737 NG 737-800

      Odyssey International 757-200

      ABX Air 767-200F

      Amerijet International 767-200F

      Ansett Australia 767-300

      Surinam Airways A340-300 (Available soon in 1/144 from Xotic Planes)

      Air Club International 747-200

      Air Canada Rouge 767-300 (Re-release)

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      Post #48815, posted on 06-30-2013 GMT-5 hours    
      I thought no decal maker would ever do the Surinam A340. THANKS!!

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      Post #48833, posted on 07-01-2013 GMT-5 hours    
      Hi 'The Flying Dutchman',

      If no one ever asks a decalmaker, it certainly makes the chance even smaller that they will even think about it. :-)

      Kind regards,

      I am one of the three 'crew members' of IPMS The Netherlands 'SIG Airliners & Civil Aviation'.