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      the PRIDEbird


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      Post #56561, posted on 02-07-2015 GMT-5 hours    
      Have a question to F-DECAL, 26Decals, Liveries Unlimited, Flightpath, Flying Colors....and all other unmentioned:

      When you (plan to) create a decal sheet of a specific airline do you need the permission of the airline in any case?
      How is the legal situation to avoid lawsuit for copyright infringement?
      How cooperative are the airlines?
      How do you get the right colors?
      Do they take money for permission or is it a free advertising for airlines?
      And what's about airlines which don't exist anymore?

      Okay, okay - it's much more than one question but for me it's a fascinating topic!


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      Post #56566, posted on 02-07-2015 GMT-5 hours    
      Good questions Pride. I have often wondered about these also.

      BTW, neat avatar.

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      Post #56577, posted on 02-08-2015 GMT-5 hours    
      Guys and girls, may I suggest to close or even delete this topic for the protection of decal and kit makers?
      We might loose a lot of sources, if other parties may sneak in here.


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      Post #56579, posted on 02-08-2015 GMT-5 hours    
      Yes, I agree. All I can say is enjoy the decals and let the decal manufacturers/designers worry about the licensing deals, etc. Thanks.



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      Post #56581, posted on 02-08-2015 GMT-5 hours    
      I've been at this for a very long time, and with two notable exceptions (UPS and AMR Corporation) it's never been a consideration. We (toy plastic airplane model geeks) are such tiny small potatoes in the big picture, I doubt anyone is much concerned. If decal makers drove $100,000 cars and lived in 10,000 square foot mansions it would be one thing, but I don't know any who do.

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