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      Post #58447, posted on 06-14-2015 GMT-5 hours    
      Hello all,

      I don't know if anyone else noticed, but there are NO videos on You Tube about how to build airline models! I mean there is EVERYTHING and ANYTHING about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING related to the hobby, but us! We're such a strange lot in some peoples minds.

      It happens whenever I meet a fellow modeler and we ask each other what do you build and the reaction is almost the same every time: Oh, airliners eh. Or, airliners????????

      Yea, airliners! OK, so instead of whining about it I have an idea that I would like everyone to think about. I have started to write the script to produce my own series of videos on how to build airliners. Now, before I go forward I want to ensure that we, as a group of fanatics, in this part of the hobby, that I portray this as just as much as an amazing modeling subject as any other ones like, armor, figures, cars and so on.

      So give me some ideas and I'll try to incorporate them into the plans and as soon as the first video is ready, I'll provide a sneak peak (without popcorn, sorry) and see how it goes.



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