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Great side-Views of the Tu-144
Author: Simon Glancey
Submitted by: bks-ambassador   Date: 10-11-2004
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The Tupolev Tu-144 in Profile
by Simon Glancey

Tu-144 CCCP-77110 ? as appeared at Paris Air Show in 1977 ? wears the show number ?345?

Tu-144 ?VP-SST? - a ?what-if/flight of fancy? colour scheme ? ?what if? Aeroflot still had some 144?s on their books...looks quite cool I think!

Tu-144LL RA-77114 ? as leased by NASA as a flying laboratory for exploring supersonic flight characteristics, and later sold on Ebay!

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by Simon Glancey

Member Comments :

 comment by: concorde28 posted on 08-22-2005, comment #932

Magnifiques dessins.Merci.

 comment by: AirlineGR posted on 11-30-2005, comment #1326

I love the new scheme for Aeroflot on this aircraft!