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Detailed, up-close photos of the MD-83
Author: Andrew Forster
Submitted by: Andrew   Date: 09-28-2004
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McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Walkarounds

by Andrew Forster
D 1.JPG D 10.jpg D 11.jpg D 12.jpg D 13.jpg

D 15.jpg D 16.jpg D 17.jpg D 18.jpg

D 19.jpg D 2.JPG D 20.jpg D 21.jpg D 22.jpg

D 23.jpg D 24.jpg D 25.jpg D 26.jpg D 27.jpg

D 28.jpg D 29.jpg D 3.jpg D 30.jpg D 31.jpg

D 32.jpg D 33.jpg D 34.jpg D 35.jpg D 36.jpg

D 37.jpg D 38.jpg D 39.jpg D 4.jpg D 40.jpg

D 41.jpg D 42.jpg D 43.jpg D 44.jpg D 45.jpg

D 46.jpg D 47.jpg D 48.jpg D 49.jpg D 5.jpg

D 50.jpg D 6.jpg D 7.jpg D 8.jpg D 9.jpg

GEAR 1.jpg GEAR 10.jpg GEAR 11.jpg GEAR 12.jpg GEAR 13.jpg

GEAR 14.jpg GEAR 15.jpg GEAR 16.jpg GEAR 17.jpg GEAR 18.jpg

GEAR 19.jpg GEAR 2.jpg GEAR 20.jpg GEAR 21.jpg GEAR 22.jpg

GEAR 23.jpg GEAR 24.jpg GEAR 25.jpg GEAR 26.jpg GEAR 28.jpg

GEAR 3.jpg GEAR 4.jpg GEAR 5.jpg GEAR 6.jpg GEAR 7.jpg

GEAR 8.jpg GEAR 9.jpg MD83 1.JPG MD83 10.JPG MD83 11.jpg

MD83 12.jpg MD83 13.jpg MD83 14.jpg MD83 2.JPG MD83 3.JPG

MD83 4.JPG MD83 5.JPG MD83 6.JPG MD83 7.jpg MD83 8.jpg

MD83 9.jpg MD83 ENG 10.jpg MD83 ENG 2.JPG MD83 ENG 3.JPG MD83 ENG 4.JPG

MD83 ENG 5.jpg MD83 ENG 6.jpg MD83 ENG 7.jpg MD83 ENG 8.jpg MD83 ENG 9.jpg

MD83 ENG1.JPG MD83 NOSE 1.JPG MD83 NOSE 10.jpg MD83 NOSE 2.JPG MD83 NOSE 3.jpg

MD-83 NOSE 4.jpg MD-83 NOSE 5.jpg MD83 NOSE 6.jpg MD-83 NOSE 7.jpg MD-83 NOSE 8.jpg

MD83 NOSE 9.jpg MD83 WINGS 1.jpg MD83 WINGS 10.jpg MD83 WINGS 11.jpg MD83 WINGS 12.jpg

MD83 WINGS 13.jpg MD83 WINGS 14.jpg MD83 WINGS 15.jpg MD83 WINGS 16.jpg MD83 WINGS 17.jpg

MD83 WINGS 18.jpg MD83 WINGS 19.jpg MD83 WINGS 2.jpg MD83 WINGS 20.jpg MD83 WINGS 21.jpg

MD83 WINGS 22.jpg MD83 WINGS 23.jpg MD83 WINGS 24.jpg MD83 WINGS 25.jpg MD83 WINGS 26.jpg

MD83 WINGS 27.jpg MD83 WINGS 28.jpg MD83 WINGS 29.jpg MD83 WINGS 3.jpg MD83 WINGS 30.jpg

MD83 WINGS 31.jpg MD83 WINGS 32.jpg MD83 WINGS 33.jpg MD83 WINGS 34.jpg MD83 WINGS 35.jpg

MD83 WINGS 4.jpg MD83 WINGS 5.jpg MD83 WINGS 6.jpg MD83 WINGS 7.jpg MD83 WINGS 8.jpg

MD83 WINGS 9.jpg TAIL 1.JPG TAIL 10.jpg TAIL 11.jpg TAIL 2.JPG

TAIL 3.JPG TAIL 4.jpg TAIL 5.jpg TAIL 6.jpg TAIL 7.jpg

TAIL 8.jpg TAIL 9.jpg

by Andrew Forster

Member Comments :

 comment by: nbable posted on 06-21-2005, comment #662

What are the metal things around the nosewheel and the main landing gear. It also looks like it's on only one main landing gear. Do all MD-80's have these?

Thank you


 comment by: CPsarras posted on 06-24-2005, comment #677

I think there are there to keep water/snow from splashing all over the fuselage (see the openings in the back) and to also keep devris from hitting the fuselage. The main wheels hav something similar.

 comment by: Zbynek posted on 07-08-2007, comment #3997

VERY VERY VERY useful!!!

Thanks a lot!!!!


 comment by: Jeff Jarvis posted on 11-16-2018, comment #29997


To answer Neil's question... The deflector on the nosewheel is to keep down waterspray, and all MD-80 aircraft have them as do the MD-90 and 717. All earlier DC-9 aircraft were either fitted with chined tires or with the deflector on the nosegear. The deflector was probably better as it also kept down other debris. The waterspray concern was mainly for the engine ingesting it.

You might notice that you saw a spring on the rear of the nose gear strut and that is the ground shift. When the strut fully extends at rotation on takeoff, it places the airplane in an inflight condition so the pressurization outflow valve starts closing and the mast heaters, airfoil anti-ice and various other systems then start to work in the flight mode.

The FOD deflectors on the main gear struts are there to keep debris damage to the flaps and engines from occurring just like on the nose gear.

These photos are very handy for all the little details, aren't they? Many thanks Andrew, well done!

Jeff Jarvis