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Flaps and Slats for a Minicraft 1/144 B737-300/400
Author: Brad Shinn
Submitted by: Brad   Date: 03-14-2005
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Hi AirCafe Craftsman.This a "Crash-Course" on how I make double slatted flaps and slats for a Minicraft B737-300/400. I started with the right wing top half and bottom half and removed the flaps and slats with a very very sharp x-acto blade. I also made two position marks for where the flap guide will be positioned later.

After the flaps are removed from the top wing half you must re-shape the leading edges very carefully into mini little wings. These parts are cut into even smaller halfs and these leading edges must be re-shaped as well. Save the new three parts that I show for latter don't sneeze and lose them!

The bottom wing half shows that you have to re-shape these flap parts as well. I find that if you scrap (shave) the flaps with the edge of your x-acto blade, this seems to work the best.

The inner main flap has the smallest part that was saved from before glued into position. Again make sure that the leading edges are re-shaped. Also don't sneeze.

Now is the time to cut the slats out if you want to. I will continue with the flap story for now only. Glue together the wing halfs and also the engine pylon too.

Hold your breath and make your very small cuts on the flaps. Also you must make your bends on the flaps too. Remember you are looking down on the flaps for these moves.

It's now flap guide time. Cut your flap guides straight into almost halfs. You must scrape or sand the top wing half that is exsposed very thin. Remember a wing isn't really that thick in scale. Also your now looking at the bottom of your spoilers. Make the position marks for flap guides that will be glue on next and fill in gaps around the engine pylon with your friend Mr.Putty too.

Make an about 45 degree cut (file,sand)on the edge of the larger halfs of the flap guides. I'm not into math so don't take that 45 to seriously.Remember this is how I make them. This is not how Boeing does it (maybe). Ok, glue on the front of the flap guides to the bottom half of the wing. Make sure that you remember that you did make position marks for them right? Now glue the back halfs of the guides onto the front halfs. Also, if you forgot the larger flap guide is the inner one.

After you sight returns to normal from looking at all of my arrows you can glue on about a .30 styrene block onto the guides. This will act as a small "bar stool" for the flaps to sit on.

NOW is a good time to check out some real flaps of the B737-300 in action. Go to look up B737/300/400 window views. This will help you with the orientation of the flaps. You can now DRY FIT your saved larger flap onto the styrene blocks. Sand the blocks so that you have a nice even space between the flap and the trailing edge of the your wing. Then go ahead and glue the larger flap onto his/her "bar stools"(styrene blocks)! Also make two styrene shims (.15-.20) and glue them on the flap guides. These will be sanded for fit later for the main flap.

DRY FIT your larger flap onto your styrene shims. Sand down the shims so their's a nice even gap between the two flaps. From the photo you can see the main flaps bends and small cuts that you have made right?

Now let's DRY Fit the inner flaps to the engine pylon. Check for even spacing from the trailing edge of wing. Also compare this spacing to the other flaps that you already glued on from before. Now with the help of your crazy glue or I what I call it "don't smell-it glue". Carefully glue these parts onto the side of the engine pylon. Don't worry about the other half of these flaps that step is next.

With your trusty styrene (.30) make a small flap guide (sopport) for the other half of these flaps. This like everything else takes a sober hand and a hopefully a calm spouse. So close the door and let all your pets out-doors!! Position and glue this new support to be able to hold both the flaps and being attached to the wing at the same time. Take your time their's no hurry...really!

Let's make some cool slats for this bird! If you haven't allready cleaned your shoes from stamping on it by now! These steps are in conjuction with the removing of the flaps from the wings BEFORE you glued the wings together. First sand or scrape the top half slat down (don't remove) until the two center scribe marks on the slat are just about gone. Cut and remove the slats from the bottom half of the wing. Save the smaller part for later.

With some styrene (.30 or less) design a new slat for the top. I know why not just use the original? Well because I say so...Naa just kidding, because your new and improved slat will be positioned and glued to the top half of the wing. So after you have shaped your new slat, glue this onto the leading edge of the wing about half way from the edge. With the smaller slat that you saved from the bottom half of the wing, slightly sand re-shape and glue into position. Don't forget to DRY FIT first!

The painting of the wing and flaps/slats is really up to your judgement and taste. With all the different shade of grey's out there in this hobby universe today. This is my version of how I would finish a B-737-300 wing with all the goodies.

by Brad Shinn

Member Comments :

 comment by: doug_or posted on 03-18-2005, comment #503

YES!!!! thank you!

 comment by: Brad posted on 03-18-2005, comment #505

It's about time...

 comment by: waltmertins posted on 03-19-2005, comment #506

So that is how is done!
Thanks Brad, I love it and will try it on my next 737.

 comment by: Brad posted on 03-20-2005, comment #507

Thanks Walter very MUCH!

Well that's how I do it. Remember their's no rules on "How To Flap". If you have any questions just ask me ok!
I wanna thank Bert my distinguished Tech. very very much too.

 comment by: United_767_Heavy posted on 09-01-2005, comment #999

Outstanding work, Brad. Never done it myself and now i have to try. Tt's a lot of work but it sure looks brilliant at the end and worth every minute spent building it. It gives it so much more detail to the model. Thumbs up!!

 comment by: big baby posted on 04-01-2006, comment #1933

This is outstanding, quality mentoring!

 comment by: Brad posted on 04-01-2006, comment #1934

Thank You Very Much!!

 comment by: kaitanium posted on 05-12-2007, comment #3680

dang it brad. downright tooooo gooooood.
i should just give up the hobby right now. haha

 comment by: Brad posted on 05-23-2007, comment #3741

Thanks kaitanium very much!!

 comment by: WMKK posted on 10-21-2007, comment #4567

You da man Brad! Thanks for this informative guide!!!!!!