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Ted Johnston shows us a neat way to hold the fuselage while getting painted.
Author: Ted Johnston
Submitted by: Ted Johnston   Date: 07-08-2005
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A Simple Holder

Here is an article for a simple holder for painting Airliner fuselages if you like to attach the wings after they are painted. The required materials are some 60 thousanths sheet styrene, a large and a small paper clip. I cut a strip of styrene wide enough to fit through the fuselage where the wing locating tabs go and then cut two small strips from that same strip and glue them top and bottom of the strip to act as a stopper, on the end opposite the stopper I drill a hole. The strip goes through the fuselage and the small paper clip goes on the other side of it to hold the model in place. The large Paper Clip is bent to provide a hook on both ends with one end to go through the strip, this is to hang the model when the paint dries. Of course you could just look at the pictures and it's pretty works for me! Good Luck!

by Ted Johnston

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 comment by: tomcat72 posted on 04-13-2021, comment #34040

Hi Ted,

As a rookie, this looks like a neat way to overcome the problem and I may try this.

I suppose one downside is the risk of getting glue on your paintwork when you join the wings and stabilisers. As this was posted 16 years ago I wondered if youíre still using this technique?

Also, are there any similar tricks for doing the wings (Iíve been doing each side of the wings on different sessions to avoid any contact while drying)?