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Tom Flynn writes a quick review of the new DACO Boeing 737 kit.
Author: Tom Flynn
Submitted by: airlinenut   Date: 04-30-2006
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DACO Boeing 737 Kit Review
1/144th Scale

Five years in the making, DACO of Belgium, has released the epitome of scale airliner models. Utilizing hundreds of photographs and "hands-on" measurements of the actual aircraft, it is refreshing that a model manufacturer has got the "model" right.

Packaged in a sturdy one piece box with a forward opening panel it is enclosed with a three view drawing on the top and pictures of various operators from around the world and illustrations to guide the modeler.

There are three part trees (spruces) molded in light grey with one clear sprue.This consists of the optional windshield fashioned in the same manner as Revell and Minicraft kits, inboard landing lights, anti-collision lights and navigation light lenses. Each of the trees sealed in individual bags.

The model has 83 parts, measures about ten inches (25.3cm) in length, and has a wingspan of about eight inches (20.1cm).

The eight-page instruction booklet explains a brief development history and specifications of this airliner. The straight forward well illustrated assembly procedures provides an uncluttered simple step by step process that eliminates paragraphs of foreign languages making it "fool" proof to put this beauty together. There are no painting directions provided. Again, this could clutter and be confusing.

Due to the many world operators, with over 5000 delivered to date, the builder has many resources readily available to determine the colors necessary to build a very accurate and attractive model of the best selling commercial airplane ever built.

I built my example in the current Alaska Airlines color scheme using Draw Decal's sheet number Set 44-737-48. The sheet that accompanies the kit has almost 200 individual stencils so patience and care is necessary. The result will be well worth it.

Box Top
Bottom of the Box

Top to Bottom. The 400, 300 and 500 Series for Size Comparison

The assembly was straightforward and the fit was near perfect in every area. The antennas and the pitot tubes as well as the other exterior pieces are a little out of scale but prove to be a unique addition to the airplane.

There are a correct set of blended wing pieces enclosed, however I know of only one aircraft with these million dollar add-ons operating at present, but they could be used for other 737 types or added on your bird to give it that "sexy" look!

The decals provided are a great improvement from the early types being somewhat thick. These are much better, thin and easy to handle. They were very forgiving and that is a plus when you have almost 200 of them!

I thoroughly enjoyed putting this kit together. It is great to have an airliner that is right in every way. Thanks Danny!

Now was I going to do that 500 series as "Shamu" or Continental? Decisions decisions.

Tom Flynn
Las Vegas, Nevada

by Tom Flynn

Member Comments :

 comment by: rwallach1 posted on 04-30-2006, comment #1995

What is there to say? As our intrepid reviewer notes, it is a near perfect kit that comes as close to putting itself together as The Iron Giant. Let's just hope this standard of quality doesn't become de rigeur for the industry - we'd lose half of our correspondents if they had so little to bellyache about!

 comment by: miss nina - dj producer posted on 05-01-2006, comment #1997

Excellent work Tom!

Miss N

 comment by: avalon posted on 05-21-2006, comment #2067

nice bird, unfortunately not easy to buy in Czech republic. highly reccommended!

 comment by: dogzboz posted on 09-10-2006, comment #2559

Nice build, I've used the Daco decals in the past and they are second to none.