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Peter Skipp brings us Walkarounds of the last operational Vanguard.
Author: Peter Skipp
Submitted by: skippiebg   Date: 09-30-2007
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Vickers Vanguard Walkarounds
by Peter Skipp

vanguard-01.jpg vanguard-02.jpg vanguard-03.jpg vanguard-04.jpg vanguard-05.jpg
vanguard-06.jpg vanguard-07.jpg vanguard-08.jpg vanguard-09.jpg vanguard-10.jpg
vanguard-11.jpg vanguard-12.jpg vanguard-13.jpg vanguard-14.jpg vanguard-15.jpg
vanguard-16.jpg vanguard-17.jpg vanguard-18.jpg vanguard-19.jpg vanguard-20.jpg
vanguard-21.jpg vanguard-22.jpg vanguard-23.jpg vanguard-24.jpg vanguard-25.jpg
vanguard-26.jpg vanguard-27.jpg vanguard-28.jpg vanguard-29.jpg vanguard-30.jpg
vanguard-31.jpg vanguard-32.jpg vanguard-33.jpg

by Peter Skipp

Member Comments :

 comment by: jhinde posted on 09-30-2007, comment #4448

How timely. I've got one primed and ready to be wrecked. Where is this plane located?

 comment by: skippiebg posted on 10-01-2007, comment #4457

Thanks, John! This one's at Brooklands Museum near London, in the company of a One-Eleven, Viscount, VC10, and Concorde. I've got excellent scale drawings of it, but since yours is primed...

 comment by: Airbus One posted on 10-01-2007, comment #4461

I've been to this museum loads of time and it's great. Especially Delta Golf Concorde.

 comment by: b2707sst posted on 11-07-2009, comment #9021

Hi Peter,
Great photos! The Vanguard is on my list of airliner to sketch. Is okay to use your photos as reference?
http://airlinerimages.blogspot dot com