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Close-up photos of the Trident Two
Author: Rene Kaminski
Submitted by: 727Fan   Date: 12-16-2007
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Hawker Siddeley HS-121 Trident 2E Walkarounds

by Rene Kaminski
trident-01.jpg trident-02.jpg trident-03.jpg trident-04.jpg trident-05.jpg
trident-06.jpg trident-07.jpg trident-08.jpg trident-09.jpg trident-10.jpg
trident-11.jpg trident-12.jpg trident-13.jpg trident-14.jpg trident-15.jpg
trident-16.jpg trident-17.jpg trident-18.jpg trident-19.jpg trident-20.jpg
trident-21.jpg trident-22.jpg trident-23.jpg trident-24.jpg trident-25.jpg

by Rene Kaminski

Member Comments :

 comment by: skippiebg posted on 12-16-2007, comment #4753

Rene, thanks for a nice tour! She's a lovely old ship and I like to visit her every now and then.