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A Review of the Welsh 1/72 Scale Boeing 737-200 Kit
Author: George
Submitted by: gebbw   Date: 09-25-2010
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Welsh 1/72 Boeing 737-200

By George

As most of us airliners modellers know, 1/72 scale is generally the domain for military aircraft and not airliner models with only a handful of injection molded kits available on the market like the Heller 707 and (now hard to find) KMC 727-200, not to mention the odd propliner.

I've always liked 1/72 scale models and being able to build airliners, especially jetliners in this scale is a real novelty due to the immense size of a jetliner subject and this is demonstrated quite well when placing next to say an F-14 or F-15 – one can really see how big they are in comparison.

I'd known about the Welsh range of 1/72 classic airliner kits for some years but had always resisted buying one due to vacform parts (of which I'm not terribly well skilled at building) and cost. But already having a KMC 727 and a couple of Heller 707's and AMT/Ertl KC-135's, I now thought it was the time to splash out and buy the Welsh Ryanair 737-200 kit.

Boy, why I held off so long I don't know, but this kit is a beauty in my opinion and complements it's injection molded cousins nicely!

What's in the box

After placing an order with Hannants the packagaed arrived safe n' sound to the opposite side of the world where I live where I eagerly opened it up and had a quick look inside before having to rush off to work! As with all the Welsh kits that I've seen, it was packaged in a pre-cut box, with a sticker depicting the type and livery of the subject.

Contents consisted of a vac-from fuslage halves, and 2 bags containing the resin parts, 1 bag of white metal parts for the landing gear and other small parts and a clear vac-form part for the cockpit windows. Also supplied are instructions for the construction of the model, application of decals and of course the decal sheets themselves.

In my kit, which was the Ryanair Kit, 2 decal sheets are supplied, one containing aircraft details such as doors, windows, etc and these appear to be laser printed. The other sheet contained the Ryanair Livery decal which appears to be silk screened. Register is good and printed images nice and fine.


The fuselage is molded in two havles with bulkheads on a single styrene sheet. Detail appears to be typical of Welsh Vacforms, with indents for the cabin and cockpit windows offering the option to open windows up, or keep them closed for those who prefer decals. Panel lines are lightly scribed and give the appearance of nice detail on the fuselage, but I am not an expert in the real aircraft so I don't know for sure the accuracy of the panel lines.

The fuselage halves are are complete from nose to tail, except that the tail cone for the APU exhuast is a separate resin piece. It measures xx

Vertical Stab

The vertical stabilizer is a sepearate resin piece, and is molded very nicely. Panel lines seems consistent with 737-200 models, although I am aware there are differences between Advance models but am unsure of exact details. Hopefully the pictures will allow you to judge for yourself.


Main wings are made up in 4 parts, two each for starboard and port, and consist of the inboard part section of the wing from the engine pylon to the wing root and fairing containing the main gear. The other part is the outer section, including the flap track fairings. I was really surprised with the quality of the resin parts, there was no descernable warping, no bubbles and edges were very crisp and they almost appear to be made from a sort of plastic. Horizontal stabs are molded nice and crisp and in individual pieces.


Engines are molded as 1 piece except for the exhaust/reversers, and the wing pylon/ fairing which are separate. Fan detail is good, although there are no stator blades in the intake.


Gear assembly, including doors is white metail and of very good quality. Plenty of room to add detail there. Wheels appear to be molded nicely, with little hub cabs to be fitted for the exposed side of the main gear.


Also included is a cockpit complete with panel and a bulkhead part to enclose it. Seats are provided as white metal parts as are the control columns. Lastly included in the kit is a vacform cockpit window part to allow you to open up the cockpit windows. Being 1/72 scale and with the inclusion of the cockpit parts this is a nice touch


I certainly think that this kit is one that any keen Airliner Modeller should have in their collection. The size of the baby boeing would complement any 1/72 scale collection. There is plenty that can be done to add as much detail as one wishes, or simply just build it straight from the box. Whatever you choose, I am sure you won't be dissapointed.

by George

Member Comments :

 comment by: Metropolitan2 posted on 05-17-2011, comment #12812


Thanks for a good and informative in-box review!
I have half-completed this kit and is to finish it in Braathens SAFE livery. It is a quite easy build - within reach of the average experienced builder who would like to "graduate" to a multimedia kit. The kit builds into a very good replica of the B732 and it surely gives the "feel" of the real aircraft.
My parallell builds are 1/72 B737-800 and DC-9-21 also of Welsh´produce - and of the same high quality standards.

Highly recommended!
- Harry B..