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Marco shows us how to make realistic pitot tubes and wipers for your models.
Author: Marco Coldewey
Submitted by: MC84   Date: 12-11-2011
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Pitot's and Wipers

I want to show you, how you can make Pitot tubes and Wipers. It's very easy and gives your model more authenticity. You need: Plastic Sheet, I'm using Vacuformed packaging like from batteries (for example). Wire, I'm using Antenna Wire (Herpa 742788, former Roco 497) it's 0.3mm (0.01in) in diameter.

Pitot Tubes

The first step is to cut the plastic sheet in identical parts. Like so:

same with the wire...

Glue both together with cyanoacrylate adhesive and paint Silver.


For the wipers I'm using the same wire, maybe it looks a bit thick, of course you can use a wire with a smaller diameter. Wipers are shown for a Boeing C-17.
Two parts, the bracket and the wiper. Bend the bracket like the original one but together with cyanoacrylate adhesive. Paint flat black.

The result...

by Marco Coldewey

Member Comments :

 comment by: skippiebg posted on 12-13-2011, comment #14144

Marco, those a cracking models, and the technique is great. Watch out for contract men put out by photoetch manufacturers!