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A quick review of the Flying Colors United DC-10 sheet.
Author: Chris Banyai-Riepl
Submitted by:   Date: 10-25-2003
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For me, this is the best United livery ever. It was colorful and stylish and looked great on the entire fleet. Flying Colors has released several decal sheets of this great livery, including the DC-10. Designed for the Revell kit, this decal sheet provides all you will need to finish the kit in the United Stars & Bars livery. The fuselage stripe is in two pieces and the instructions recommend making a photocopy of the sheet to aid in masking the upper white from the lower natural metal.
With the basic cheatline down, the next option is the titles. Flying Colors includes both the blue titles and the black ones. The black titles were the original ones, with the blue style coming later. In addition to the titles, there are enough registration numbers to do any one of the United DC-10s in either black or blue titles. A few stencil details are also included, as well as the front scoops on the fuselage, as the position of the kit ones are wrong. This will really spruce up that old Revell DC-10 kit, so if you've got one sitting in your closet just waiting for that perfect livery, check this one out. My thanks to Flying Colors for the review sample. Be sure to visit their website for other great decal sheets. would like to thank Chris Banyai-Riepl of for their generous contribution of this article.

by Chris Banyai-Riepl

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