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Andrew Forster shows us a quick and easy way to make beacon lights.
Author: Andrew Forster
Submitted by: Andrew   Date: 02-02-2004
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I decided to make my own beacons using a Waldron Sub Miniature Punch and die set. At Wal-Mart I was able to buy a bag of costume sequins for about $ 1.50. They come in multiple colors, just perfect for this application. This would be a lifetime supply!

I took out the required colored sequins for the initial trial. Red Green and Chrome. These end up being the colored backing for the Beacons, Navigation lights, Strobe or inspection lights.

Using the punch and die set you can punch out many different round sizes. From .018 to .063 . Also with a #11 blade you can cut the sequin to a desired shape such as the rectangular to be the backing for a strobe light. Once you have the disc punched out I placed them on a piece of tape on a clothes pin as a holder. Now for the next step I took Microscale Kristal clear and applied a drop on top of each Beacon (lenses). Once this had dried a drop of future was placed on the lenses.

The only drawback of this whole procedure is the finesse that is required for handling these very small lenses especially the .018 inch one! This should allow you to make an airline model with most realistic lights and beacons. I'm sure there are many more applications for this procedure.

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by Andrew Forster

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