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Building a 1/48th scale DC-3 using acrylic paints and Leading Edge decals.
Author: Ted Johnston
Submitted by: Ted Johnston   Date: 09-26-2004
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This kit started out as the Monogram C47 kit which came with the D Day Markings and the Paratroopers. I don't understand why this kit wasn't re-released this year for the 60th Anniversary, I think the marketing people dropped the ball on this one! This kit was built for a friend of mine and was built basically straight out of the box, the only modifications were to fill in the seams around the main part of the cargo door and add a new window on the port side just ahead of the door. The wings and fuselage of the C47 kit is different than the DC3 kit so it is actually a different tooling! I have a DC3 kit waiting to be completed and I compared the two together.

The kit was painted almost entirely with Acrylic Paint, I used a combination of Gunze and Tamiya. I mixed the paint colours myself for the 2 Oranges based on various photos and matching the decal sheet. I used Decals made by Leading Edge Decals in Canada, they were very nice and I quite like all their decals, this is the second set of theirs that I have used.

This was a very satisfying project as CP Air has always been my favourite Airline and I have always wanted to build one of these. This is a significant aircraft as it was the only one that CP Air had painted in these markings and I used to watch this particular Aircraft every day as a kid.

Ted Johnston

photos: Steve Bamford

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by Ted Johnston

Member Comments :

 comment by: Andrew posted on 10-02-2004, comment #105

Hi Ted,

Well done!!

Nice to see a Canadian subject. Considering all the Aviation history here in Canada.

My retired CP friend will be pleased to this model.



 comment by: Ted Johnston posted on 11-02-2004, comment #107

Thanks Andrew, this one was alot of fun to build!