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Info on how to submit photos to the Member Galleries.

1 : What are the Member Galleries for?    
The Member Galleries are for the members to share their modeling-related photos with the rest of the community. It can be used to show your work area, photos of models in progress, your model kit collection, etc. Please keep the theme on airliner modeling.
Created: 06-02-2008   [Top]

2 : How do I get my photos to show in the Member Galleries?    
To get your images to appear in the Member Galleries you must do the following:

1) Create a folder in your PFS and give it a relevant name.
2) Once created, select the folder in the drop-down menu and start uploading files to that folder
3) Edit folder options by selecting Gallery and Public.

Simply uploading files to your PFS will not make them visible in the Gallery. If they are not in a folder with properties correctly set, we will not be able to view them. Other than that the files are just sitting in your PFS and taking up space.
Created: 06-02-2008   [Top]

3 : How much space do I have to upload my photos?    
Each member is allotted 10MB of space to upload photos or any other type of file to the Member Galleries. Each file may not exceed 512KB.

Upper Deck Members are allotted 50MB of space and files may be up to 1024KB in size.
Created: 01-31-2009   [Top]

4 : My files will not upload the Gallery, what am I doing wrong?    
If the file is not getting uploaded, check to see that you have sufficient disc space to upload the file. Members get 10MB of space and Upper Deck Members get 50MB of space. Also be sure the file does not exceed the allowable size in KBs: currently 512KB for Members and 1024KB for Upper Deck Members.

If you are running out of space, please upgrade to an Upper Deck Membership or delete some older files/photos.
Created: 01-31-2009   [Top]