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Basic questions about the site and certain features.

1 : What are the photo albums for?    
The photo albums are for you to collect your favorite photos from the database in an organized manner. Simply create a Photo Album from the photo album area and when you are browsing the database, you will see a link to add the photos to your favorite/appropriate album. You can create as many photo albums as you like. Also, you can e-mail your photo albums to a friend.
Created: 01-31-2009   [Top]

2 : Login - Remember me does not work, why?    
There are many reasons why the Remember Me may not work. One could be your settings. Check to ensure that you are allowing cookies from to be placed on your machine. Also, you may have to add to your list of safe and trusted sites in Internet Explorer. And more importantly, after you have logged in, make sure to don't click the Logout button when leaving the site.
Created: 01-31-2009 Asked By: Bigzot   [Top]

3 : How do I cancel my membership?    
Use the Contact Us Forum to send us a message and we will close your account as soon as possible.
Created: 01-31-2009 Asked By: TwoSixDecals   [Top]