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Why am I getting file name errors when trying to upload some images?    
Depending on a few factors, you may be getting file size errors or file name errors when trying to upload to the database. Please try the following and hopefully that will remedy the problem.

1) Make sure your file name only contains regular letters and numbers and underscore or hyphen only. Please do not include any special characters or spaces in the file name. This is very important.

2) Since we all tend to build/purchase the same kind of items, you may be tempted to use a generic file name for the photo. ex. revell_767.jpg or minicraft757.jpg, etc. etc. and this may cause a problem with other files already in the database. We cannot have more than one file with the same name. So, to avoid same-name errors, please add your username to the beginning of each file you upload. Ex. username_revell_767.jpg, or username_minicraft757.jpg, etc. etc. This will ensure that no other files exist with the same name in the database already.

3) Please do not use very long file name. We have a max of 250 characters but even that is a little too long and can cause certain problems for the directories, and for us if we ever have to change servers to download the files as backups.
Created: 06-15-2008   [Top]